African Wedding rings

February 1st, 2011

African Wedding Bands

Picture of Red Gold and titanium Wedding ring

Red Gold and titanium Ring

Rings from Africa come in many styles and shapes. There is no definitive “African Wedding Ring” – Rather their are many styles of beautiful African rings which may be used as African wedding bands. Choose from a wide selection of African Wedding rings made from Gold, silver and titanium. Red Gold is especially popular today with the warm hues reflecting the warmth in a marriage. Combinations of metals inspire the different qualities that people are – and in joining in a partnership couples will have to merge into one whilst still retaining their identity – just like combination golds and titanium wedding rings.

The very different styling of the bands is not to everyone’s taste – but some find them very appealing. The playful nature of the designs makes them perfect for people that are looking for something off the beaten track – using different coloured golds – red, rose gold and white gold to enhance the appearance. For those who have money we use platinum – although the buyer would obviously be limited to the pure white colour of platinum, as platinum does not come in any other colour. Combined with a metal like titanium, the white against the masculine grey can be very effective. Being a very hard metal, titanium and platinum combine well to make a ring that will last a lifetime. The subtle colour difference is really special.

These African wedding bands are made in South Africa by locally trained artisans. The designs are from different tribal patterns that have been around for thousands of years. There are not may jewellers making African wedding rings – the market is just too small. As Africa comes into focus, and as African people find that their own culture is something to engage in – so more and more Africans will choose not to buy classical European designs, but rather explore the huge range of African styles, African symbols and cultural icons that are so prevalent on this huge continent. Countries like Nigeria are finding their own designs and are using them in clothing and jewellery to create ranges that are being snapped up by overseas countries. The large fashion house, it seems, cannot get enough of this new wave of simply beautiful jewellery and clothing. That South African would stop hiding in the Euro centric mish mash that goes for style and fashion! Much of the popularity of international fashion is do with marketing and brands – and many jewellers from this continent just do not have the savvy, or marketing skills – let alone the budget, to compete on an international level. The result is the the same styles and designs being punted around the world. It takes a persistent, patient person trawlling the internet looking for new, original designs to find anything worth looking at.